5 best ways to find life insurance leads


It is quite a pain to find new life insurance leads, particularly when you are overwhelmed with suggestions pouring in from all over. This is when you need some genuine tips to generate leads rather than browsing through innumerable websites and scribbling down the names. There is an option to buy the leads as well, but their quality can never be assured. When you generate the life insurance leads on your own, it has its own advantages because of their high quality. Do not mind spending time in generating the leads yourself since you can be sure of their quality and genuineness.

Go through the methods mentioned below and observe if they are suitable for you:

Choose a relevant market

Targeting larger masses does not work all the time; you must target a few smaller sections at one time. In addition, it is important to seek the attention of people who actually want a life insurance policy, such as firefighters, taxi drivers, adventure sportspersons, roofers, etc. If you target smaller groups, then you can spread the message of your brand effectively along with the benefits of the policy. Once these regular people start recognizing your brand, you will definitely begin converting your life insurance leads.

Third party leads

Image courtesy:Clove Biogenesis
Image courtesy:Clove Biogenesis

Some of the established life insurance providers offer genuine guidance to smaller insurance companies by lending a list of life insurance leads over the mail. You just need to provide your business parameters and requirements to these companies. With the email lists provided by these companies, you can easily engage with the potential prospects to give a boost to your insurance company on the right track. However, you need to judge the interest of such people before pushing them into buy your insurance policy since they might have already bought the life insurance from another company.

Online presence

This is the first thing that should be done for your business. If you have not yet created a business website, you must do it immediately. This is how your potential clients look up for your business services. You can create a small online form for people who are willing to furnish their contact details. If people are genuinely interested, you will definitely get genuine leads. Some people may even call your company themselves.

Word of mouth

Image courtesy:Pexels
Image courtesy:Pexels

Some people shy away from requesting their current clients to spread the word, but this is the best possible way to spread a positive message about your business. When you explain the benefits and services of your insurance business, you can definitely ask them to advance your message to their dear and close ones. Word of mouth often gives quickly convertible life insurance leads.

Networking with Professionals

This is a great method to generate leads for life insurance products without any need of cold calling, spending any money, or depending on the overworked leads of a company. Most urban cities their own networking groups, which let the professionals meet from various industries monthly or weekly. This is done to socialize, refer business or leads to each other, and exchange marketing strategies. Such diverse groups often consist of people from various industries such as personal injury lawyers, doctors, tax accountants, chiropractors, personal trainers, physical therapist, personal trainers, life insurance agents, and you. With such diversity of people providing genuine leads to each other, you would definitely not like to miss upon these opportunities.