7 ways to cut your car costs


There are many ways through which you can cut your car costs. We have jot down a list of 7 ways that can help you to make motoring your inexpensive as well as save your money, such as driving slower, sharing journeys, etc. 

  1. Save petrol by avoiding traffic

You can check the petrol prices on the internet and get the cheapest petrol price near your house. For instance, for UK residents, there is the website called PetrolPrices.com, which allows checking the petrol prices by comparing 11,000 petrol stations and finds the most economical one in the user’s area. The website just requires the name of your town or your postcode and it will do the remaining work on your part. So, check out such websites before you fill up your car’s tank. 

You can even download a mobile application in your Smartphone, such as Waze, which gives you traffic information and enables you to connect with other nearby drivers. Drivers share the traffic details on the mobile app, so that other drivers do not waste their money and time in jams. Plus, the application reports petrol-pump prices too. 

  1. Give someone a lift

You can fill the empty seats of your car by offering life to someone and thus can get your money back, if you are driving to a particular place. For this, you can use BlaBlaCar.com, the car-sharing website, which helps you to locate paying passengers, who are going the same way as yours. 

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Through this, you can cut your car costs and save 88 per cent of your fuel expenses on long-distance journeys by just taking 2 passengers with you. Additionally, you can even ditch your own vehicle and use BlaBlaCar to become a regular passenger. 

  1. Drive in a smart way

You can save a lot of money if you drive smartly. Some of the basic tips for clever driving include, closing the car windows when the car speed is over 60mph, not driving at over 70mph, switching off the car’s engine when it is stationary for over one minute, and unloading needless items from the car’s boot. You must also check the pressure of your car’s tire regularly, as it can also affect your driving efficiency. 

  1. Get a better insurance deal

Compare the different auto insurance deals online and then settle for the cheapest insurance in order to cut your car costs, as different websites offer different deals. You can take help from various comparison websites for this, like GoCompare.com, Confused.com, CompareTheMarket.com, etc. 

Image courtesy: Flickr
Image courtesy: Flickr

Additionally, you must remember that DirectLine and Aviva do not place their offers on such websites, therefore you must check them separately. And, do not assume that the cheapest option is always offered by third-party cover, as fully comprehensive insurance policies can also be cheaper with a low risk profile. 

  1. Find cheaper parking

You can opt for cheaper parking options in your area. For instance, for UK residents there are websites like Parklet.co.uk and ParkatmyHouse.com, where they can park in affordable places like people’s driveways as compared to expensive commercial spaces.  

  1. Get your money back on parking tickets

You can appeal to get back your money for a parking ticket that you do not think is fair. Chances are that you will get back your money. The Traffic Penalty Tribunal shows figures, which indicate over 60 per cent of appeals from motorists, have got back their money on parking tickets and thus have cut down their car costs. 

  1. Install a black box

A black box is perfect to cut down motoring costs, especially for young drivers. Research shows that 1 in every 5 young drivers meet an accident in first year of their driving. Therefore, insurers increase the costs of insurance. 

Image courtesy: YouTube
Image courtesy: YouTube

A black box proves to be helpful for drivers, as it monitors and tracks the driving and feeds the details about the speed, cornering, acceleration, and braking of the driver, so that the insurer can see it, who bases the insurance premiums on the driver’s driving ability. This can reduce your insurance premiums up to 40 per cent. 

These are the seven ways through which you can cut your car costs and thus save your money.