What are the benefits of credit cards and how to use them in the best way?

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Credit cards are in trend today, and have been constantly rising up in the past few decades. When they had first started, everyone had thought they would either just be used by elites or become a fad and very quickly will vanish into oblivion. But those same people had had exactly the same thoughts about the rise of the internet.

Today, credit cards are very much on their way to replacing all cash everywhere. It has never been better to own plastic money than before. They come with many brilliant benefits and also help you use your money in a much protected and better way.  Credit cards really are boon to our society.

Image courtesy:Public Domain Pictures
Image courtesy:Public Domain Pictures

So, through this article, we would like to explain to you a few benefits of credit cards, alongside with what are the best ways that you can use them for. So, without further adieu; here are all you need to know about credit cards:

Benefits of Credit Cards:

  • Safety: Credit cards are safe? How safe? They are compact, protected by encryption and your password, which is quite hard to lose. Even if it’s stolen, you can simply report it and get the card frozen along with all of your money completely safe. And then you can just sit back and relax as a brand new card is delivered to your home in a few days. Read this for further information. This is completely impossible with cash, as cash can be easily stolen and is untraceable.
  • Rewards: While dull cash will not give you extra points which you can use for getting discounts on your purchase or get you free stays in luxuries hotels, credit cards really would. And not just that, with the help of credit cards you can avail travel points for travelling and staying in hotels, which will also allow you to have VIP lounge stays and give you heavy discounts on flights and hotel room bookings!

    Image courtesy: Pixabay
    Image courtesy: Pixabay
  • Cash Back: One of the benefits of credit cards is that it allows you to have cash backs. Which means, for shopping on your favorite websites, or for your favorite brands in malls and shopping complexes, you will actually have some percentage of what you spent return back into your account soon afterwards. This also extends to eating in many restaurants, buying fuel and electricity, and also travelling and purchasing goods and services.
  • Ease: Credit cards are quite easy to use. They are literally just small cards that you can easily carry in a pocket. They let you easily pay for the smallest of services like buying a coffee or making big purchases like buying a house with a single small utility. The fact that they are so safe to use and let you access your funds is simply brilliant. They also let you take a hard look at your balance, which helps you use your money much more responsively. 

How can you enjoy more benefits of credit cards?

How can you use credit cards in such a way that you can enjoy all of their benefits yourself? This might be the question running in your mind right now. Worry not, because here are a few things you should do to attain just that:

  • Compare credit card deals: The first and foremost thing that you should do is not to just settle with the first credit card that you are offered. Check the best deals on many different credit cards, if possible try to use a few of them for a month at least. Do not forget to do more research and take opinions of many people about those credit cards and their long term use. After that, choose the one that you find the best.

    Image courtesy:blogger
    Image courtesy:blogger
  • Do not buy into many deals at once: Even though having a multi credit card system to manage all of your finances can be a good thing. But there is a way to do that and that is a different topic entirely. For now, do not get into the words of credit card salesmen and buy many credit cards and their deals at once. You will not be able to manage all of them at once, and it will be chaos.

Credit cards can be twin edged swords, use them wisely and you shall reap many benefits, use them poorly and you will be wounded.