What are the benefits of credit cards if used for everything

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Credit cards are amazing! Ever since they were invented a few decades ago, the usage of credit cards has skyrocketed. So much so that percentage of actual cash money is now but a faction of the total money, in which most is purely electronic.

Our society is slowly shifting to a complete cashless economy. And that is something that many researchers in the biggest universities of the world have already confirmed. In a few decades, cash is likely to be completely dissolved. And you might be worried about this fact because you think that you can keep a better track of your money with cash. But that is not just untrue but very inaccurate. In fact, credit cards are likely to be better at keeping track of than cash. And so, to adapt to the changing world, and to understand a new perspective, here are the benefits of credit cards and why you should use them for everything.

  1. Tracking money 

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Forget about the myth that you are likely to keep better track of your money through the usage of cash. In fact, cash is more likely to be over used since it does not actually give you the exact number of how much a purchase sets you back. You pay by cash and you only feel as if you can just withdraw more from an ATM machine. You do not get any notification of your balance value.

But while using a credit card, on every single transaction, you will get a notification on how much you have lost alongside the balance that is now left in your account. This helps you track your money better. And it also helps you in restricting you the rate of your purchase.

  1. Better security 

While cash is something that you keep in your wallet, which does not exactly provide you with good security. And this world is filled with snatchers and pick-pocket thieves. You are aware of the fear you feel while walking in a crowded area. Your first response always is to hold your wallet and phone.

Image courtesy:Max Pixel
Image courtesy:Max Pixel

But with the benefits of credit cards, none of those problems exist. First of all, you are not holding any literal cash in your hand, all of it exists inside your bank account and until you physically use your passkey and withdraw money, it is not going to exist in the real world. Secondly, even if your card gets stolen, today’s chip and pin technology makes it almost impossible to hack them. And they cannot counter-fit it, because the second you complain that your card is stolen, the card is blocked. And soon afterwards, you will receive a new card without losing a dime of your money.

  1. Cash back 

Using cash with all of your shopping does not give you any special offers. The money you use is the money you have, and you will not get it back without reason. But on the other hand, while working with credit cards, you also get special cash back offers for shopping! Weather it is that you buy from shopping websites, go eat at a restaurant, or book tickets for yourself for any movie, show or play. You can end up getting some of your cash back. And these are some of the benefits of credit cards. 

  1. Bonus reward points 

    Image courtesy: Pixabay
    Image courtesy: Pixabay

Credit cards give you the option of attaining bonus points on travel and staying in hotels. You can redeem these points on every flight you take or every hotel room you stay in. And then later use these points to avail heavy discounts and free upgrades to your original flights and hotel rooms. Check this credit card out for bonus reward points. Not just that, you can also attain VIP lounges and free food and drinks as bonus rewards points. And all of this is possible by using credit cards instead of simple cash.

And these are some of the benefits of credit cards and we hope why we think you should use them for everything.