How to build an investment portfolio


No matter where you invest your money, if you have a great investment portfolio, you will get only high profits with no losses. However, many people do not know how to build an investment portfolio, which is why they struggle to benefit from their investments. 

However, now you do not have to fret about how to build an investment portfolio, as here you can get all your answers. A balanced investment portfolio can give you much better profits in the long term as compared to investing in an individual stock. So, read on to find out how to build an investment portfolio. 

You need to follow some basic rules in order to create a nice investment portfolio. This way allocating your assets will be less time consuming as well as smoother. Follow these fundamental steps listed below in order to build your investment portfolio. 

  1. Think about your goals

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You must consider your financial goals before you start out with creating your investment portfolio. In order to recognize your financial goals, you must know when you will require the money, how soon you will require it, and how much amount of money will you need. This will help you to outline your monetary goals. 

In this, you must consider your long term as well as short term financial goals. If you are saving money for long term monetary goals, then you can invest in volatile investments, since time can even your investment returns. Volatile investments are those that have great swings in their holdings. Volatile assets, like small-cap commodities or stocks, can prove to be beneficial for long term financial perspectives. 

However, if you are saving for short term monetary goals, such as a teenager’s school or college education, then you must not invest in volatile investments. This is because they can prove to be risky for you and might work against you, as they may fall right before you require the money. 

  1. Look out for inflation

You must also look out for inflation. Anybody who is living on a fixed income or retired people must worry about the damage that can be caused by inflation, which can affect both the buying power as well as regular payments from investments, such as annuities or bonds. Inflation can be moderated by owning commodities, lots of stocks, and TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities). 

  1. Know your risk tolerating capacity

You must know that if you are investing your money somewhere, you can lose it as well as gain from it. This is why all investments have some risk, no matter which type of investment it is. Even investments that seem to be safe such as Treasury bonds or blue chip stocks are unsafe. 

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Image courtesy: Flickr

So, if you require some money for your short term financial goal and you cannot lose even a single penny from it, you must consider putting your money in an FDIC insured product like a certificate of deposit or a savings account. 

  1. Take the risk

Besides the risk involved in investments, you must know that if you do not take the risk, you will never be able to gain from it. Riskier assets like emerging or small cap market stocks give greater returns eventually. However, you must know that they are also very much unsafe. For instance, in 2008, the emerging stocks fell by 53% and in 2009 they gained by 79%. 

Thus, these are some of the things that you must know while building your investment portfolio. So, now that you know how to build an investment portfolio, get started with it and reap the benefits.