How to claim Travel Insurance


If you love travelling and you end up packing your bags every six months, you must know about claiming your travel insurance. This is because things may go wrong despite the best care you take of yourself and your belongings. For instance, your bags may go missing, the flights may get delayed, you may fall sick, or you may meet an accident. Several such unforeseen incidents may take place, which may ruin your trip. If you have already taken your travel insurance, you also need to know about filing your claim.

How to claim Travel Insurance

Before you leave

In case you are taking your valuables along with you, photograph them, and email the photos to a safe email ID. Note down a few details about your things so that you can describe them in case you lose them. Note down the details of your passport, flight details, visa, and insurance policy, etc. and take the copy with you. Leave another copy with your family, which will give you added protection in case you lose everything.

File a claim as soon as you reach hom

Image courtesy:Pixabay
Image courtesy:Pixabay

If you can file a claim when you reach home, make sure about these things:

  • The time limit for filing a claim is still valid.
  • Your claim covers the things you have lost.
  • Calculate the excess amount that the insurer takes off your claim.
  • Read the fine print of your policy.
  • If you have a new for old policy, it is best. Else, the insurer will reimburse only the present value of your assets, which may be significantly less.

Report crime

In case you face a crime while you are on a vacation, you must reach the local police within 24 hours after the incident has happened. It is important to show the copy of the report to the police of your town. Fill in the report properly and accurately. If you cannot think straight, take a couple of hours to relax and then file the report.

Medical expenses

Take the emergency number of your insurer with you at all times in case you face an accident or fall sick. If you have a travel companion, give the details to him/ her as well. If there are minor medical expenses, keep all the bills with you, but if there are major medical expenses, call your insurer immediately and provide them with the details of your condition and medical treatment you are going to take. Keep all the documents safe with you to file the claim when you reach home. In addition, make sure that the medical reports are duly signed and they include the details of location where you were treated. 

Cancellation or delay

Image courtesy:Flickr
Image courtesy:Flickr

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you are usually required to furnish the details in writing from your carrier or tour operator. You should get it done immediately you get to know about this.

How to claim Travel Insurance: Filing the claim

The question about How to claim Travel Insurance arises in the minds of many travelers. This may or may not be a complicated process depending on your travel insurer. Some claims may be settled just over the call, while the others may need you to fill several forms and attach the copies of every document possible. If you are sending your documents online, it is fine. However, if you are sending them by post, it is better to keep a copy with yourself to be on the safer side.