Is pet insurance really worth taking?


If you were given a kitten or puppy as a gift for your birthday or just like that, then you might need some financial planning that can provide a happy and long life for your best friend. Pets are very lovable and often become like family members, even more than that in some cases. They live with you and you might even spend most of your time with them, when at home. They can cheer you up, when you are sad or calm you during your outbursts. Therefore, pet owners are ready to do anything for their furry friends in order to provide the best care for their pets, such as a VPI pet insurance. 

However, many people do not reflect on the financial expenses or risks that they may incur through their pet, especially if your adored pet falls ill. In such cases, the costs can be really high and if you are not prepared for them, then you can land up in huge trouble. In 2014, it was recorded that pet owners spent roughly around $15 billion just on veterinary care for their pet. This is even more than one quarter of $58 billion, which is the total spending in the pet industry, as per the American Pet Products Association. And in this, approximately $870 million were spent on pet insurance. 


Image courtesy: Warrington Animal Welfare
Image courtesy: Warrington Animal Welfare

Insurance experts say that this is a lot of money when it comes to insurance coverage, which might not even be suitable or necessary for all pets. A financial advisor recommends that a pet insurance should generally be taken when you have a young pet and the premium of the insurance is lower. In such times, a pet insurance like VPI pet insurance can certainly help you to pay for your pet’s medical expenses, which you may incur during their lifespan.

Additionally, the decision to provide or not to provide this kind of pet protection and care for your furry friend can be an emotional decision for some people. However, it is worth noting that these decisions also have significant financial ramifications. 

It is noted that insurance for vet bills can cost $13 a month for a cat and $28 per month for a dog. In fact, many people pay as much as $60 per month for just a premium policy for their older dog. And, there are many people who do not have any insurance cover for their pet, which equals to the two-third population of domestic dogs and cats. So, the main question here is should you really go for pet insurance? If yes, then which pet insurance you should go for, whether VPI pet insurance? How much should you pay for it? And, what does a pet insurance covers? All these questions sum up to the question is pet insurance really worth taking?

What does a pet insurance covers?

Image courtesy: Flickr
Image courtesy: Flickr

A pet insurance primarily covers the vet fees and costs for the treatment of your pet’s injury or illness. Other than this, you get benefits like cost coverage of rewards and advertising for stolen and lost pets, pet care payment if you are admitted into hospital, etc. in a pet insurance.

What does a VPI pet insurance covers?

The VPI pet insurance offers three different levels of coverage for your pet. Whether you just want to see an overview for the available pet insurance coverage or if you want a pet insurance coverage for some specific condition, VPI covers everything. No matter in which part of the world you are staying, you can get your pet insured from VPI. 

The different pet insurance plans that VPI provides includes Cancer, ACL, Hip dysplasia, and Annual wellness. In each of these plans, you get to choose between whole pet with wellness, major medical, or pet wellness plans. Thus, you have lots of options to choose from VPI. 

Do you need pet insurance?

Image courtesy: Auggie Gomez-Vergara

So, if your pet is dearest to you, you would do anything to pay for your pet’s treatment, of if your pet is a part of your family, then you surely must consider going for a pet insurance, especially the VPI pet insurance. Remember that a pet insurance should surely be taken when your pet is healthy and young, as insurance cover is difficult to get for elder pets or those pets who are suffering from an existing medical condition.

However, if you have sufficient disposable savings or income in order to pay for your pet’s vet bills, then you might not need a pet insurance. 

Get the right pet insurance

By choosing the right pet insurance, you can get what you pay for. But, it is also important that you seek the right pet insurance policy and not just the cheapest policy. You can choose the VPI pet insurance for your dog, cat, bird, or your exotic pet. This pet insurance offers different options for pet owners for their pet’s injuries, illnesses, as well as routine wellness care. 

Moreover, it covers new recurring and chronic conditions, without any additional costs. You can also insure your pet as a part of a whole pet coverage plan or on its own. Its wellness coverage and routine pet care plans offer preventive treatments and cash back for regular examinations of your pet, so that your pet stays healthy, without leaving any financial worries on you.