Parts of a debit card: Where is the debit card number?


A debit card, which is also called a check card or a bank card is a plastic card that is used as one of the modes of payment. Through it, cardholders can get electronic access to their bank account details at a financial institution. Debit cards can be used as substitutes for cash at supermarket stores, restaurants, cinema halls, etc. 

In the modern world, debit cards are used widely by a number of people. They are so much used that they have overtaken the use of checks as well as cash transactions. However, unlike charge cards and credit cards, debit cards are generally country specific. Therefore, there are numerous different systems of debit cards across the world. 

But, after the 2000 year, with the help of initiatives, debit cards that are issued in one nation can be used in other countries as well, in addition to phone and internet purchases. Besides this, debit cards can also be used as ATM cards for instant cash withdrawals. Additionally, some debit cards come with cash back offers through select merchants, where you can withdraw some cash with your purchase. 

Numbers on a debit card

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Using a debit card is quite easy. You can use it to withdraw cash instantly at an ATM. For this, you just need to know your card’s 4 digit PIN number that you must enter on the screen of the ATM. Besides this, you can use your debit card on the spot, while making purchases. However, if you want to make purchases from your debit card by sitting at your home, you can do this through phone or the internet. 

For this, you need to know your debit card number. If you still do not know what or where is the debit card number, do not worry as this article will inform you about each and every part of a debit card, with both the front as well as the back. So, let us get started with the front part of a debit card. 

Where is the debit card number: Front part of a debit card

The front part of a debit card has: 

  1. Bank or issuer branding

The bank branding is done at the top of your card. This means that the bank from which you received your debit card will print its name and logo on the top of the card. 

  1. The debit card number

The debit card number is one of the most significant things printed on your card. You need to provide your debit card number when you make purchases via phone or online. However, if you do not know where is the debit card number, then you will not be able to make online or phone purchases through your debit card. Let me tell you that your debit card number is printed in front of your card. It is the 16 digit number, which is unique to each and every card. If you have an American Express debit card, then the card will only have a 15 digit number. 

And, if your debit card is linked to a checking account, then your debit card number will be different from the number of a checking account. You must protect your debit card number and ensure that no one sees it. If you write it down at some place, then be careful and remember to obliterate it after you are done. Fraudsters can steal your debit card number and use it to make purchases from your account. Although, you might choose not to pay for such purchases, still the whole mess can become inconvenient to clean up. 

In order to shop online with your debit card, you must know other things too apart from your debit card number. This includes the expiration date and the security code of your card. The security code is generally a three digit number printed at the back of your debit card. Also, this number varies from issuer to issuer. At some places, you would also be required to provide your name. 

  1. The expiration date

    Image courtesy: Pixabay
    Image courtesy: Pixabay

The expiration date is the date till your debit card is valid. You can use your card only till this date. However, before you card expires, a new debit card is automatically sent to your home address. The expiration date on your debit card is important for making purchases over the phone or online. 

  1. The issue date

The issue date on your debit card tells the date on which your card was issued. 

  1. A MasterCard or a Visa logo

A MasterCard or a Visa logo is printed on the front side of your debit card. There is a symbol of either of these card providers, which indicates that you can use your debit card at any place where MasterCard, Discover, or Visa debit cards are accepted, such as department stores, online, and restaurants. Also, while making online purchases, you may sometimes be asked to choose the network logo of your debit card from a drop-down menu. 

Where is the debit card number: Back side of a debit card 

The back side of a debit card also has some important information. This includes: 

  1. The signature bar

The signature bar is the place where you are required to sign immediately after you get your card in order to protect your debit card against any fraud. 

Image courtesy: Wikimedia
Image courtesy: Wikimedia
  1. The network logos

The network logos indicate the places where you can use your debit card. This means you can:

  • Make purchases based on your four digit PIN number at merchants that have the same network of Point-of-Sale.
  • Access any ATM with the same logos as on your debit card.
  • Make purchases at merchants, which accept MasterCard, Visa, or Discover debit cards, by providing your signature.
  1. The customer service number

If you face any problem or have some questions regarding your debit card account, you can call on the toll-free customer service number that is printed at the back of your card. 

  1. The Card Verification Value (CVV)

The Card Verification Value, which is also referred to as CVV, is unique to each and every debit card. It is required when you make purchases over the internet or phone through some merchants, so that they can be sure that the debit card is yours.