Reasons why you should still pay bank a visit

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As automation comes to our lives at full speed, the purpose of visiting banks is increasingly getting shorter and shorter. Everything that you can want of a bank can be done easily through your smart phone. Today, you can open an account, transfer your funds, make payments, pay loan installments, and even file for a loan, all through the ease and speed of the internet.

The reason of which has made many bank branches close down and the demand for walk in banks gets lower and lower.  Your salaries get deposited directly into your account; you can always withdraw cash from any of the hundreds of ATMs. And as the currency becomes increasingly electronic, even cash seems to counting its days on the streets before its retired as well.

But in the midst of all this, can there actually be uses to visit the bank? Yes, absolutely, and here are the reasons why you should still visit the bank for.

  1. Applying for a mortgage

    Image courtesy:Flickr
    Image courtesy:Flickr

Even though it is entirely possible that you can apply for mortgage online and without any detailing by any bank officer, it is still sometimes advised to visit the bank for this. Applying for a mortgage is a long duration, and a process that can get you stuck for years and years. And through the medium of the bank websites, you cannot always get all the information you need to apply for that mortgage. You might submit your queries, but it takes time for them reply, and the conversation is always passive.

On the other hand, if you do visit the bank and meet your local bank’s official. He/she will sit with you and will patiently go through each and every aspect of applying for a mortgage. All your queries will be answered and you will not have to experience any set backs or misinformation that might arise due to the information over-lead of the internet.  Conversing with a banking official may even get you better deals, less interest, and longer paying duration; while everything is fixed and not negotiable on the internet.

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  1. Buying a car

While buying a car can be easily done by taking a loan directly through the card dealer, it does get increasingly more expensive to take a direct loan from the auto dealer. As the interest they might offer on their terms might be higher than the one you can get if you apply for an auto loan through your local bank.

Image courtesy:Flickr
Image courtesy:Flickr

While applying for auto loan through your bank, you do not have to agree with the fixed terms of loans. As you will also be able to negotiate your own term while working with your bank, this will let you save a lot of money over the time and will lower your interest. So, visit the bank now!

  1. If you want a money order

While money orders can be done by many financing options; these may include U.S. Post Office, retailers, and credit unions, but banks still happen to be the best way for money order. Since, banks work internationally, and happen to be less crowded than any place else, a quick visit there will ease the whole process of money order and even lower your charges and give you more benefits. The money order will be fast, secured, and if any problems might occur, the bank will cover it all.

  1. Finding a Notary

Finding a notary in your city is not that hard. But if you go to your public library to sign your documents, you might have to wait in a long line, since most of them are always busy to the brim. But instead, visit the bank, and you will find a time saving, relaxing, and effective way of signing your documents by the notary.

  1. To get a specific change type

Sometimes you need a specific type of change for maybe charity, work, or even for some festival. But, finding large amount of specific change from the market, and asking lenders sounds quite archaic and silly. But, if you visit the bank, you will be able to ask for any number of change against any number of notes of huge denominators.

  1. To convert change into notes

    Image courtesy:Pixabay
    Image courtesy:Pixabay

Just like when you are in a need of change, and can get your big notes converted into small change through the bank. You can also, get your surplus change get converted into big notes no matter how specific you want it to get. Just take all your years of accumulated change of pennies and dimes and visit the bank, and get all of them converted into big notes.

So, as everything gets automated, and increasingly online, it might be difficult to find reasons to visit the bank. But meanwhile you can still visit them for all of these above reasons and more.