A few surprising things covered by insurance



Insurance are there for accidents. Insurance coverage is offered for calamities. Some of these common calamities that are covered by a standard insurance policy include fire in house, which is covered by a homeowner’s insurance claim, emergency room visit, which is covered by health insurance plan, a car crash, which is covered by auto insurance, etc. 

These are some of the common things that an insurance policy covers. However, there are some surprising things that you never knew insurance covers. For instance, if a car is torched by rioters, the roof is hit by a meteorite, the mailman is bitten by a dog, etc. So, let us have a look at the 4 things that are covered by insurance.

 4 things included in insurance coverage

The four surprising things, which are covered by insurance, include: 

  1. Volcanic eruptions

Most of the people do not have any worries about their earthly possessions in case they are engulfed by ash and lava. However, for people staying in cities like Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii have a real threat of volcanic eruptions that can damage their belongings. For this, there are various standard homeowners’ insurance policies that generally cover volcanic eruption damages. 

In fact, vehicle damages from a volcano are also covered in a comprehensive auto insurance coverage. However, all the natural disasters do not get the same treatment. For instance, vehicle damage from floods and earthquakes is included in auto insurance, but home damage from floods and earthquakes is not included in regular homeowners’ insurance policies. If you want to cover your house against damages from earthquakes, then you have to purchase a separate insurance policy or add your current policy with an endorsement, which can be taken by a private insurer. 

If you live in California, you can take it from California Earthquake Authority. And, if you want an insurance coverage against flood damages to your house, you can opt for a flood insurance policy, which is offered by the National Flood Insurance Program. 

  1. Weight loss

You can get free weight-loss counseling in your health insurance policy. Obamacare has many such free preventive-care services and free weight-loss counseling is one of them. Others include various cancer screenings, cholesterol tests and diabetes, well-child and well-baby visits, and counseling on quitting smoking and reducing alcohol usage. 

Image courtesy: Flickr
Image courtesy: Flickr

Several employers provide gym membership discounts, weight-loss programs, and nutrition classes in order to encourage their employees to boost their health. A few employers also provide financial incentives to their employees for participating in preventive-care programs, like lower deductibles, lower premiums, cash, gift cards, or health savings account contribution. 

  1. Car damage due to rodent

Comprehensive auto insurance policies pay for damage done to the electrical system of a vehicle by animals like squirrels or mice. So, if those mice again chewed the wiring of your car, you can get auto insurance with rodent damage. This auto claim is called ‘other than collision.’ 

In order to check if your auto insurance covers such a thing, read your policy’s language, as several auto insurance policies do not provide such type of coverage. However, when it comes to home damage due to domestic animals like cats and dogs or rodents is not covered by homeowners insurance. But, if your house is damaged by a wild animal excluding rodent, then it is protected by homeowners’ insurance policy. 

  1. Meteorites

Although, there are fewer chances that a satellite, meteorite, or any other type of falling object will strike your car, home, or you, it is not even impossible. Therefore, you must check if your insurance policy protects you against such unlikely events. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Generally, standard auto, homeowners, and life insurance policies cover damages from falling objects. The damage done to a home and belongings inside the home are covered by homeowners’ insurance policies.The damage done to a car is covered by auto policy’s optional all-inclusive portion. And, if you get killed or struck by a falling object, then a life insurance plan will pay the beneficiaries. In fact, if you want treatment for your injuries and you nearly escaped death, then a health insurance policy will cover it. 

Thus, these are the four surprising things that are covered by insurance. As weird as it sounds, insurance coverage is provided for these four things as well.