Top 10 affordable classic cars for an investment


Car enthusiasts and shoppers are always looking for cars with fresh concepts as well as new production techniques, which are fitted with lots of features and the latest technologies as well as promote efficiency and comfort.  And, why they should not look, as new production cars are fun to drive, brand new, as well as work as great investments. However, there is one other group of car purchasers, who view things differently. 

When it is about investing in cars, you must search for vintage cars and classic cars. By classic cars investment, we mean investing in those vehicles that are generally between 30 and 39 years old. These types of vehicles are considered great for customization and restoration jobs as compared to outright scrapping. 

This investment form is beginning to develop once again after the 1980s’ blip. This is because of their raise in value. Moreover, it is reported by the HAGI or Historic Automobile Group International that the historic cars’ value has grown by 12%. 

So, should you opt for investing in vintage cars and classic cars? You must remember that even though classic vehicles are great to drive and own, it is still recommended that you must first research. And, one of the steps is to know about the best classic cars that you can purchase as an investment. 

  1. BMW E30 M3

    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The BMW E30 M3 is a typical example of classic cars investment. The car was launched in the mid 1980s by BMW. However, till this time this model of BMW continues to entice industry observers and car enthusiasts alike. 

  1. Mercedes-Benz 190E

Mercedes-Benz is a company that has always delivered good looking and quality vehicles for business owners as well as executives. And, this model of Mercedes-Benz is one of the best examples why this company is the best in the industry. 

  1. Ford Mustang Boss 302

    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

There are a few classic vehicles, which are snapped for their reliability and looks and then there are some car models and makes, which are collected for their sporty and performance features. The Ford Mustang Boss 302 is proudly owned for the latter reason. 

  1. Aston Martin DB6 Coupe

Aston Martin DB6 Coupe is a great car for your classic cars investment. It is the best car model produced by the Aston Martin Company. This model gives a heady and strong performance on the road. 

  1. Datsun 240Z

    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The Datsun 240Z is a great model by the Datsun Company, which had a huge impact on the overall car purchasing public as well as the market. A highly dependable Datsun model, the Datsun 240Z works great for summer road trips as well as city driving. 

  1. Lincoln Continental Convertible

The Lincoln car brand was the best one during the 1960s, which delivered some of the most memorable and reliable cars of the decade. And, the Lincoln Continental Convertible was one of them. 

  1. Porsche 911 Turbo (930 Generation)

The Porsche 911 Turbo (930 Generation) was available from year 1975 to year 1989. This car managed to grab the attention of car gatherers who love performance and speed. 

  1. DeLorean DMC-12

    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The DeLorean DMC-12 is a great classic car investment option. The car comes with lots of stories, including its featuring in the ‘Back the Future film trilogy’. 

  1. Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari brand of cars is most known for its pricey cars. However, Ferrari cars can allow you to select their top production car models as well as offer a hefty investment return. 

  1. Jaguar XJS

    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Jaguar XJS is one of the other luxury classic cars on our list. This grand tour car was launched by Jaguar, the British car manufacturer, with its production beginning in 1975 and finishing in 1996. 

Thus, these are the top 10 affordable classic cars in which you can invest your money. These cars are one of the best vintage cars in the market and can provide you with huge investment returns. So choose one of these cars for your classic car investment.