Top 5 wedding insurance: Compare the market wedding insurance


One type of special insurance is wedding insurance. Yes, you heard it right. People insure their weddings. There can be many reasons behind this. Maybe they have apprehensions that their wedding day can be spoiled due to some issues in the decoration or lighting of the venue or maybe they do not trust wedding planners or their services; but they have no choice but to take them, since they themselves are very busy. No matter what their reasons are, the main thing is that people just want to ensure that everything runs smoothly on their big day. 

This is why many people are insuring their weddings nowadays. And, since this has become much more common, there are many insurer providers that offer wedding insurances to customers. And, with so many providers, it becomes quite difficult for the customer to decide from which insurer provider they should take their wedding insurance. In such times, people compare the market wedding insurance and come up with the best wedding insurance for themselves as per their preferences. 

We know that marriages are not so cheap. Therefore, we have made up this list of the top 5 wedding insurances in order to make your task easy and help you to quickly choose the wedding insurance that is perfect for you as well as your D-day. Whether you want to cover up your reception or want a wedding cancellation insurance, the following special wedding insurers can give you the best quotes and the right policy, so that you do not have to waste your time to compare the market wedding insurance. 

Compare the market wedding insurance

  1. John Lewis Insurance

    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
    Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The John Lewis Insurance company offers six different types of cover ups for your big day, as per the different requirements of clients. The most important feature of its wedding insurance is that the bride and the bridegroom get a public liability cover of up to £2,500,000 as standard, in addition to a cover up worth £5,000 for wedding cancellation as a result of supplier failure. 


  • You can apply and pay for John Lewis wedding insurance online
  • Maximum supplier failure protection of £50,000
  • Maximum wedding cancellation cover up of £100,000 with £10,000 for rearrangements
  • Legal expenses are covered till a maximum of £10,000
  • Loss or damage of wedding cake, wedding flowers, and wedding attire up to £15,000
  • No facility for online management of the wedding policy
  • No cover up for weddings that take place in Canada or USA
  • One-off premium for John Lewis wedding insurance starts from £60
  1. Debenhams

    Image courtesy: Flickr
    Image courtesy: Flickr

Debenhams provides you with six different bands of protections for your big day. It has a comprehensive cover range that is offered at competitive prices, so that you can get a wedding policy for every kind of wedding. 


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Wedding gifts coverage starting from £5,000
  • Personal liability coverage till £2,000,000
  • Ceremonial attire coverage up to £2,750
  • Loss of wedding rings covered up to £1,500
  • Flowers and cake protection till £1,500
  • Online application and payment of wedding insurance
  • Legal expenses covered till £5,000
  • You get a maximum wedding cancellation cover up of £50,000, along with £50,000 for rearrangements
  • A gift card worth £20 for every purchase of wedding insurance
  • 10% discount when you purchase your wedding insurance online
  • One-off premium starts from £39
  • Maximum cover up for wedding cancellation due to supplier failure is £27500
  1. E & L


The E &L firm is operating for more than 70 years now. It offers a comprehensive range of wedding insurance, with eight different levels of insurance cover up choices in order to suit all budgets and weddings. With it, you do not need to compare the market wedding insurance. 


  • Public liability protection till £2,000,000
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Maximum supplier failure till £10,000
  • Maximum wedding cancellation protected till £50,000, along with £25,000 for rearrangements
  • You can apply as well as pay online for your E&L wedding insurance
  • Damage to ceremonial attire protection till £4,000
  • Loss of wedding rings covered up to £3,000
  • Loss or damage to wedding gifts protected till £4,000
  • You cannot manage your wedding policy online
  • Legal expenses protected till £6,500
  • Rearrangement or cancellation of wedding owing to death or sickness covered till £8,500
  • One-off premium starts from £17.49
  1. Dreamsaver

    Image courtesy:
    Image courtesy:

Dreamsaver offers its wedding insurance covers ups for UK as well as overseas weddings, in addition to civil ceremonies. 


  • You get a maximum wedding cancellation cover up till £50,000 and a minimum cover of £6,000, along with rearrangements cover up till £37,500
  • Maximum supplier failure protection till £15,000
  • One-off premium for Dreamsaver wedding insurance starts from £25
  • The insurance provides coverage of your paid deposits before you take out your wedding insurance
  • No excesses on any section of the wedding policy
  • Ceremonial attire coverage covered up till £10,000
  • Gifts coverage till £10,000
  • Photos or film coverage up till £10,000
  • Rings covered till £10,000
  • Personal liability protection up to £2,000,000
  • Flowers covered up to £10,000
  1. My-Wedding Insurance

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    Image courtesy:

My-Wedding Insurance offers a comprehensive and affordable array of wedding insurance, with four different levels of cover ups to choose from. It provides wedding coverage for UK as well as overseas marriages, thus covering most of the wedding budgets. 


  • You get public liability covered up till £2,000,000
  • Worldwide coverage
  • You can apply as well as pay online for your My-Wedding Insurance
  • Damage to ceremonial attired protected up till £3,000
  • Transport and car cover up to £1,500
  • Loss of wedding rings covered up till £1,500
  • Wedding cancellation by supplier failure covered up to £2,500 till a maximum of £8,000
  • You cannot manage your wedding policy online
  • Wedding gifts coverage up till £2,000
  • Maximum cancellation coverage till £25,000, along with £12,500 for rearrangements
  • One-off premium for My-Wedding Insurance starts from £25.35

By choosing any one of these wedding insurances, you can protect your special day and make the most of the most important occasion in your life. Just compare the market wedding insurance and choose a cheap insurance that protects your wedding by fulfilling all your requirements.