Top travel rewards credit cards in India


There are a number of rewards credit cards available in India. Among them, one of the sections is of travel rewards. This section of credit cards is popular for providing a wide range of travel benefits to consumers. Known as the travel rewards credit cards, such type of cards are great for people who are frequent travelers or fliers. These cards offer some amazing travel perks, like free airline miles, discount on hotel stays, cash back, reward points, cash discount on purchases and low or zero foreign transaction fees. 

Travel rewards credit cards are issues by banks that have exclusively tied up with different travel service providers, such as online travel agents, hotel chains, airlines, etc. in order to offer travel credit cards that allow you to earn rewards whenever you use them on your journey. However, choosing the best card from a plethora of travel cards becomes a tedious task. Therefore, we have come out with the top 3 travel cards in India, so that you do not have to go through each and every card available in the market. 

You can just see these best travel rewards credit cards in India and decide which one suits you the best and then apply for it. 

India’s top 3 travel rewards credit cards

  1. Citibank PremierMiles

    Image courtesy: City Bank
    Image courtesy: Citi Bank

The Citibank PremierMiles credit card offers airline miles, with other great travel perks on flight and hotel bookings. 


  • Sign up bonus: With the Citibank PremierMiles credit card, you earn 10000 miles after spending INR 1000 or above on purchases within 2 months of your card account opening. Moreover, when you renew your card every subsequent year, you get 3000 miles
  • You also get an extra 10 miles per INR 100 when you book hotel stays, car rentals, and flight tickets through the website of PremierMiles, the merchants or partners of the Citibank online facility, or airline websites or counters. Additionally, you receive 4 miles per INR 100 that you spend on all other non-airline transactions. And, when you cross the INR 5 lakh limit in a year with this credit card, then the miles earn rate drops to 4 miles for every INR 100 that you spend on purchases
  • You can book a complete vacation with your redeeming miles on or else you can transfer your miles to one of the 5 international frequent flyer programmes
  • The miles that you earn from this card never expire till your credit card is valid
  • Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) members of any airline get 10 miles per INR 100 with this card, in addition to the regular FFP miles for booking a ticket on that airline
  • You also get free airport lounge access and air accident insurance up till INR 30 lakh
  • Discounts on various dining options, Fortune hotel stays, and car rentals through CarzOnRent
  • Annual fees: INR 3000
  1. HDFC Bank Regalia

    Image courtesy: HDFC Bank
    Image courtesy: HDFC Bank

The HDFC Bank Regalia credit card offers reward points on movie tickets, flight tickets, standalone restaurants, and hotel stays. 


  • Sign up bonus: You earn 10000 bonus rewards points when you apply for this card and 2500 reward points on renewal
  • You receive 4 reward points per INR 150 or 2.66 reward points per INR 100. The reward points are doubled when you spend on movie tickets, flight tickets, and hotel stays using Additionally, you earn 6 reward points for every INR 150 that you spend at standalone restaurants with this card
  • You can redeem your reward points to purchase Regalia vouchers online through your internet banking account of HDFC bank. The voucher code is given within 2 hours, which can then be used for making bookings on the website of Regalia. You can also convert your reward points to miles with Air India, IngiGo, Jet Airways, KrisFlyer, and SpiceJet miles till you are a member of this credit card
  • You also receive free Taj Epicure Plus membership and priority pass membership
  • There are no blackout dates on this card
  • Cardholders get accidental death compensation of INR 1 crore, which is given to the nominee, in addition to emergency hospitalization cover till INR 12 lakh for overseas travel
  • Most of the credit card benefits are for the primary card member
  • Annual fees: INR 9999
  • The renewal fees on the HDFC Bank Regalia credit card is INR 5000
  1. American Express Platinum Travel

    Image courtesy: American Express
    Image courtesy: American Express

The American Express Platinum Travel credit card is great for booking domestic flights and to get free hotel stays. 


  • Sign up bonus: When you apply for the American Express Platinum Travel credit card, you receive 5000 reward points
  • With this card, you get to earn 2.5 reward points per INR 100 and 1 reward point per INR 40. And, when you use this card to book domestic flights, purchase groceries, or shop at supermarkets, then your earn rates increases to five times. You also earn 10 reward points per INR 40 when you make your bookings through platinum partners, like the Preferred Hotel Group and MakeMyTrip
  • You can redeem these miles whenever you feel like for Taj and IndiGo vouchers or other leading hotels and airlines
  • When you spend INR 1.9 lakh in a year with this card, you can earn up to 2 free return flight tickets of IndiGo. And, when you spend INR 4 lakh in a year, you receive 4 free flight tickets and Taj group vouchers worth INR 10000
  • There are no blackout dates on this card
  • The reward points expire 3 years after they are earned
  • Lost credit card liability of INR 0
  • Annual fees: INR 5000

So, choose the right card for yourself among these best 3 travel rewards credit cards in India.