Travel insurance for snowboarding


Whether you are a seasoned snowboarder or an adventure junkie, you would certainly go for an insurance cover in the snow. Since a sport like snowboarding is quite risky and can cause you injuries, it is important that you take a travel insurance snowboarding. 

If you have not taken the right travel insurance for your snowboarding adventure, a slope fall can finish your savings. In case of any injuries while you snowboard, you can easily get confronted with expensive medical bills or even emergency repatriation costs. Therefore, it is crucial that you look for the right travel insurance policy that covers snowboarding, in case you meet an accident on the slopes. 

And, why just snowboarding, travel insurance must be taken for any type of vacation, no matter what you are doing or to which place you are going.  However, when it is about snowboarding holidays, it is more vital to insure yourself with a good insurance policy for a snowboarding break. 

Moreover, now it is not difficult to get a travel insurance snowboarding, since there are many insurance providers that offer different travel insurance policies that cover a wide range of winter sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, and tobogganing. Amongst these, finding a cheap snowboard travel insurance plan should not be hard to find. 

What does travel insurance snowboarding cover?

Travel insurance for snowboarding is somewhat same to a standard holiday insurance plan, as it provides coverage, like baggage cover, medical expenses, cancellation cover, emergency repatriation cover, etc. In addition to this, it also covers extra things as per your choice, including snowboarding equipment cover, enhanced medical cover, and full winter sports cover. In fact, in some cases it also provides coverage for off-piste or backcountry skiing, if you are supervised by an experienced instructor. 

Besides this, snowboard insurance also covers emergencies that may occur on the slopes, like piste rescue and closure. However, you must always read the wording of the policy before you travel in order to ensure that you are covered for all the activities in which you plan to participate. 

Image courtesy: AfroMum
Image courtesy: AfroMum

In order to get covered for snowboarding, you must choose the right plan or an adventure sport upgrade, while you purchase your travel policy. Although, you have to pay extra for this type of coverage, it is better to pay extra at an appropriate time otherwise you may not be covered. 

Moreover, if your travel insurance policy includes snowboarding, you will also be covered for emergency medical treatment, which is undertaken by the experienced staff of the resort and any road ambulance transport or air evacuation in order to take you to the nearest hospital. 

Although, your snowboarding gear is not covered while you are using it, it is covered in case it gets stolen from the official storage of a resort, with some conditions, such as you should have checked the equipment, reported it to the police within 24 hours of the theft, have a receipt, etc. Your equipment is not covered, if you leave it or forget it in a public place, where anyone can steal it without you knowing of it, such as roof racks or ski racks (secured or unsecured), resort lockers in open areas, or left alone while you have lunch. 

Additionally, there are different cover terms, as per the country you reside in. Therefore, you must carefully check out the conditions of the policy in order to ensure if the cover is suitable for you or not. 

What travel insurance snowboarding does not cover?

Image courtesy: New England Risk Management
Image courtesy: New England Risk Management
  • Injured while you work, since you must be covered by your company
  • If you are in a competition or race
  • Extreme snowboarding, such as freestyle snowboarding, dangerous terrain, aerial activities, etc.
  • Back country or out of bound areas, unless it is specifically covered by the travel insurance policy you purchase
  • If you have consumed illegal drugs or are intoxicated, as your decision making power and ability is most likely compromised
  • Deliberately taking needless risks, like taking a double black diamond run or cliff drops after your first shot at the game

So, choose your travel insurance snowboarding wisely and enjoy your snowboarding adventure freely.