Virgin Pet Insurance review


Virgin Pet Insurance has also made its mark in the UK when there are so many pet insurers popping up. The insurance company was heavily promoted in the past few years, which has taken the insurance industry to a different level.

Virgin Pet Insurance for Dogs

Dog insurance by Virgin has been successful in grabbing the attention of a significant number of dog owners in the United Kingdom. The insurance policies for dog insurance offer great value and provide coverage for all eventualities that you may ever come across with your dog. The dog owners love their dogs much like their family, which means that having an insurance policy for their dog saves them a lot of money in case of an unprecedented accident, a requirement of serious treatment, medications, regular care, etc. You can also buy a Dog Insurance from Virgin online.

Virgin Pet Insurance for Cats

Image courtesy:LinkedIn
Image courtesy:LinkedIn

Pet insurance for cats is becoming popular day by day because of the increasing number of risks for the cats outside and inside the house. The UK has a large number of cats as pets and the cost of treatment for cats is too high with most vets. You can save hundreds of pounds just by buying a pet insurance for your cat. A few pounds per month can prove extremely beneficial in the event of your cat’s accident or injury.

Virgin Pet Insurance: Levels of insurance for dog or cat

Illness and accident extra

  • The policy covers the pet for any illness or accident until the maximum amount provided by Virgin.
  • The policy provides coverage for every illness, disease, or injury without any time limit and to the maximum of £6,000 for every condition. The coverage is based on the remaining period of policy and there are different levels of fees reimbursement within the overall limit.
  • With the pet helplines provided by Virgin, you can find a pet legal, vet, or bereavement counseling.

Illness and accident

  • The insurance policy provides coverage against illness and accident with a maximum amount and time. That is why; the premiums are easily affordable.
  • The amount of insurance coverage for the fees of the vet is subject to a maximum of 12 months of pet treatment for every disease, illness, and injury up to an amount of £3,000 for every condition. The coverage is dependent on the period remaining of the policy. In addition, there are different levels of fee reimbursements that apply for some treatments.
  • The company provides three pet helplines to find bereavement counseling, pet legal, and vets.

Accidental injury

Image courtesy:Pixabay
Image courtesy:Pixabay
  • This is the most economical method of insuring a pet with Virgin, which is meant to assist you to cover unexpected costs in case your pet meets an accident.
  • The company provides for treatment for a maximum period of 12 months and the amount of £1,500 for every injury or condition. The coverage depends on the amount and period remaining of the pet insurance. There are certain levels of maximum fees reimbursement that applies for some treatments.
  • The company provides three pet helplines to find bereavement counseling, pet legal, and vets.

Virgin Pet Insurance review

Virgin Pet Insurance gives you the much needed- peace of mind when you have your pet with you and know that you can deal with the risks associated with carrying them out. Virgin also provides insurance for other pets such as horses, etc. They provide excellent insurance cover with reasonable costs along